Copper, Brass and Chrome Plated Ceiling Tiles

Steel Panels

Barker Lumber features a wide range of copper, brass, and chrome plated ceiling tiles. These examples¬†exemplify the variety that you’ll have at our location in Woburn. We offer several decorative tiles and panels, as well as more simple options. For a full list of options, visit our showroom.


brass plated

Brass Plated Finish

12″ Multiple Plate No.

321 Cornice No. 705
chrome plated

Chrome Plated Ceiling Tile FInish

6″ Multiple Plate No. 207

Cornice No. 906

copper plated

Copper Plated Finish

12″ Multiple Plate No. 320

Cornice No. 807

PrePainted White Finish

12″ Multiple Plate No. 309
Cornice No. 803